About Founder

Erol Gürsoy was born in the Arsin district of Trabzon in 1966 as the first child of the Gürsoy family. He graduated from Trabzon Private Köşk High School in 1984. While continuing his school life, he also took part in business life. He developed himself alongside his grandfather, Feyzullah Gürsoy, who is one of the notables of Trabzon, and his father, Murat Gürsoy, who is one of the big partners of Trabzon Giyim Sanayi.

Erol Gürsoy, who entered the construction sector in 1993, has undertaken and completed many construction contracting works. By establishing Gürsoy İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti. in 2005, it carried its construction activities to a more professional line under the structure of a corporate firm.


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