Gaziosmanpaşa Event Center

Steel construction manufacture with one thousand 200 meter square utility area having one. .thousand capacity indoor hall and 250 people capacity outdoor area. Event hall, playgrounds, foyer areas , man-woman small mosque and parking area. Sky roof system Employer İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Project Type Taahhüt Date 2018 Place Gaziosmanpaşa / İstanbul Previous Next

Construction of İstanbul University Faculty of Economics Following works were completed  within the scope of this project.   Construction of reinforced concrete faculty smart- building with 8.300 m2 utility area(including 1 lecture theater , 22 classrooms , 2 computer laboratory ) 200 m2 prefabricated building construction 500 m2 landscaping work 400 meter. % 120 cm bored pile construction Historical ruin restoration […]

Sarıyer – Marmaracık Youth Camp Employer Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Project Type Commitment Date 2014 Place İstanbul Previous Next

Naval Forces Command Heybeliada Şafak Plants Maintenance Repair and Completion Construction

All infrastructural works of the plat which consists of totally 2 block, 48 apartment  (Water, sewerage, electricity, natural gas, telephone)  and landscaping ( road, surrounding wall, sustaining walls, lighting) works ,  all fine works of the relevant 12 blocks, 1000 KVA- substation  and 1400 person- capacity waste water  treatment plant.  Reservation of 29 rooms- headquarters […]

Gaziosmanpaşa Yıldıztabya Slaughtering Place Construction

Construction of membrane roof – steel construction which consists of accommodation  and slaughtering units  where 48 small cattle and 8 cattle can be slaughtered . Employer Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Project Type Taahhüt Date 2006 – 2007 Place Gaziosmanpaşa / İstanbul